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gle/DFM 300

- Measurement of frequency, RPM, Km/h, Rad/s, °/s, l/h, EU/s…

- High accuracy and reliability

- Signal processing at each incoming period

- Fast measurement response

- Analog and digital (TTL, on/off…) inputs

- Fully programmable measurement set-up

- 16 bit DAC output

- Automotive industry

- Power generation

- Process control

- Engine testing

- Industrial monitoring

- Research & Development ...

gle/DFM 300 is a high precision measurement unit for low and medium frequencies and rates in engineering units. It determines frequency evaluating each period of the incoming signal and taking its inverse instead of counting pulses over a specified time interval as in conventional meters. This method allows much greater accuracy and faster measurement update that grows proportionally to the input frequency. For example, in order to obtain a resolution of 0.1Hz at the signal frequency of 100Hz, standard meters need to compute over 1000 periods (that means 10s of acquisition), while GLE/DFM 300 achieves 0.02Hz in 10ms only. Moreover in this way it is possible to evaluate any fast frequency fluctuations, which are necessarily averaged out in conventional meters or in analog F/V converters.


Block Diagram