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Main Features

• Ethernet I/O interface & auxiliary RS232 data output
• 16 bit AD resolution
• Scan Rate: up to 2000 S/channel/s.
• System Accuracy: 0.1% or better.
• Zero and Gain Calibration capability.
• Wide Temperature Range.
• Extended Power Supply range / Low Power consumption
• Rugged and RF shielded enclosure
• Easy to use, Win based software including: system set-up, data

calibration and errors compensation, data display and storage.


• Flight Testing
• Wind Tunnels
• Turbine Engine Testing
• Pressure Measurement
• Automotive/Car Industry
• Aerospace
• Railway
• R&D and Testing


gle/SmartZOC-100 is an industrial grade, compact data acquisition & control unit specifically designed to be interfaced with the Scanivalve’s ZOC Electronic Pressure Scanner Modules.

This unit can be directly connected to one 16, 32 or 64 channel ZOC Pressure Scanner providing: regulated and isolated voltage supply to ZOC module, control of the scanning sequence, signal conditioning of the analog pressure transducers and of the ZOC’s internal temperature sensor, 16 bit A/D conversion of the measurement signals.

The acquired data are then made available to the Ethernet bus or the auxiliary RS232 interface output.

Thanks to the continuous monitoring of ZOC’s internal temperature, it is possible to perform a very accurate on-line correction of the pressure transducers temperature drift.

ZOC-ScanSW software allows the definition of the measurement and acquisition set-up as: scanning speed, number of active channels, communication interface parameters, preferred data output interface (Ethernet or RS232), engineering unit definition, data averaging strategy, numerical or graphical data display and many other options.

The defined hardware set-up is saved to the internal flash memory and it is automatically retrieved during its power-on to assure prompt and reliable operation.

Due to its robust construction, gle/SmartZOC-100 is particularly suitable in all those applications where space is a premium, ruggedness and wide temperature range are necessary, especially where high performances in terms of reliability, accuracy and  measurement speed are mandatory requirements.


Block Diagram

Technical Specifications

Pressure Scanner Compatibility


Digital Interfaces

Ethernet (TCP/IP protocol) for system programming and data output; optional RS 232 data output i/f selectable speed up to 115 k baud.

System Accuracy

≥ 0.08 % FS, accordingly to the used Pressure Scanner

A/D Resolution

16 Bit


Ethernet data transfer: up to 2000 S/Ch/s with 16 ch ZOC, up to 500 S/Ch/s with 64 ch ZOC.

Power Supply

9 ÷36 VDC @ 6 Watt max including ZOC module

ZOC Power Supply

±15 VDC, 150mA max (internally regulated and isolated)

Temperature Range

Extended from - 40 to +70°C


Up to 95% non-condensing

Acceleration, Shock & Vibration

Designed to meet: 15 g all directions / 50 g RMS @ 11 ms  / 10 g RMS, 10 ÷ 2000 Hz all directions


RF proof metal shielded enclosure

Size and Weight

106 x 82 x 32.4 mm / 250 g, approx.

I/O Connectors

Power: 3 pins MS bayonet;

Pressure Scanner: 15 pins MDM-15SH003P;

Ethernet: RJ45 socket; RS232: 9 pins D type

Due to continuous developments, specifications are subject to change without prior notice. This product is not intended for applications whose its failure to perform can be expected to cause damages to properties and/or persons and/or injury to human life.