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Space-Proven, Compact GNSS Receiver

Main Features
• GPS L1/L2/L2C/L5 (GALILEO as option), SBAS.
• High dynamic satellite tracking & position computation.
• GNSS data update rate of 20Hz (as option up to 100Hz).
• Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM).
• Advanced multi-path reduction.
• MIL-BUS-1553 data output (RT peripheral).
• High speed RS 232 / USB setup and service I/O ports.
• Fully configurable receiver parameters.
• Compact, lightweight and rugged construction.
• Qualified for: high level sine & random vibration, Pyroshock, humidity, thermo-vacuum, EMI / EMC.


gle/RGU/G2T/HDA/MB1 is a cost-effective, high-performance, compact and rugged GNSS receiver specifically designed and environmentally qualified for space applications.


It is based on a well proven and extremely powerful GNSS-receiver board with a total of 24 universal channels each of GPS L1/L2/L2C/L5.


Thanks to advanced and tunable algorithms, it supports satellite tracking under extreme dynamics (acceleration and jerk), allowing reliable and high accuracy position computation over almost unlimited altitude and velocity.


The unit is built in a compact, EMI shielded and rugged, Ergal alloy milled enclosure.

Main data output is supported by a MIL-BUS-1553 interface with GLE/RGU/G2T/HDA/MB1 acting as a RT peripheral.

High speed RS232 and USB ports are provided for setup and service I/O.


Even if originally designed for applications on-board space launcher vehicles, it is suitable to be used on manned and unmanned, civil / military aircrafts and armoured /

heavy-duty vehicles.

In these applications is possible to take advantage of many optional features*) such as:



- Galileo E1/E5A

- RTK rate up to 100Hz

- Code Differential Rover / Base

- Heading determination

- Additional interfaces

- IRIG-B time code + 1PPS output

- Event Marker

- Internal storage memory.


*) Available features depend on specific GNSSreceiver board and selected options.


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