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Main Features

• Embedded IRIG 106 PCM Decoder.

• Real-time tracking calculation with trajectory interpolation.

• Real-time display of tracking parameters.

• Local or remote configuration.

• Optional internal Bit-Synchronizer.

• Optional GPS/Magnetometer for local reference.


gle/GTAS/001 is a system designed to control the angular position (Azimuth/Elevation) of one or more ground tracking antennas used to receive telemetry data from an aircraft during flight testing activities.
To fulfil this task it utilizes GPS position data embedded in the PCM telemetry stream, transmitted by the aircraft FTI system in combination with the GPS coordinates of the receiving antenna or antennas.

System Description

GLE/GTAS/001 incorporates an IRIG 106 ch. 4 PCM telemetry decoder for Data+Clock PCM streams and optionally a bit synchronizer for Bi-Phase, NRZ-L and RNRZ-L (9/11/15/17/23) codes; supported data-rate is ≤10 Mbps*.
Its data processor runs real time algorithms to compute the necessary antenna azimuth and elevation angles to achieve the continuous tracking of the aircraft.
Tracking algorithms include interpolation of the aircraft speed and position in order to cope with short interruptions in the telemetry link.
Angular data are sent to the tracking antennas via RS-232 lines using ASCII protocol** with an update rate up to 8 Hz.
Optionally a GPS receiver can be embedded into the system and an external magnetometer/compass can be connected as a local reference for a mobile tracking antenna.


Block Diagram



GPS Tracking Antenna System, gle/GTAS-001