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gle/Telemetry Ground Stations

Main Features

• HW/SW integrated systems for data and signals receiving, decommutation / demodulation, on-line display, analysis and data storage…

• Standard or customized software for real time and post processing.

• Single or multi-user configurations (Client/Server).

• Onboard, portable, mobile or fixed solutions.

• PCM streams, PAM sources, FM/FM signals, serial lines, Ethernet, Video, Audio CVSD…

• Digital I/O and DAC interfaces.


offers a wide suite of fully integrated telemetry ground station solutions based on Client / Server PC architecture, using its own developed or third party software and hardware products, in order to provide effective methods to acquire, display and analyze telemetry data, both in real time or in post processing.

Integrated solutions may include RF Receivers with or w/o diversity combiner, Bit Synchronizers, Smart Source Selectors, Data Stream Distributors, IRIG-106 PCM Decoders / PCM simulator, Voice / Video De-Compressors, PAM Decommutators, FM/FM Demodulators, Digital I/O & DAC interfaces, GPS based Antennae Tracking control units, Data Recording and Storage systems, Time Code Readers & Generators…

This modular approach offers the flexibility to configure customer-tailored solutions to fulfill any possible need, from simples pre-flight test telemetry data evaluation units to on-board, mobile or fixed, single or multi-users telemetry stations, up to large network-distributed systems for data display and analysis in control rooms.