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Main Features

• IRIG-106 Chapter 4 compliant.

• USB 2.0 interface for fast data transfer.

• Powered via standard USB port.

• 10Mbps for NRZ codes, 5Mbps for BiPhase-L.

• Programmable de-randomizer for RNRZ-L.

• Single ended or differential input.

• Selectable input termination.

• Supported by GLE/TelemetryStudio software package.

• DLL library for custom applications/integration.


gle/UPD/001 is a compact and robust USB 2.0 PCM decom, mainly intended for laboratory tests and validations of PCM IRIG 106 chapter 4 compliant telemetry data acquisition systems, pre-flight checks and for on-board PCM data monitoring.
Due to its flexibility, when combined with an external bit-synchronizer or cascaded to a digital RF receiver, it can be used also for mobile ground telemetry applications.
It is based on a powerful FPGA and a USB 2.0 high speed controller; since it is powered via USB connection, it doesn’t need a dedicated power supply. It accepts a PCM NRZ-L / RNRZ-L Data+Clock stream up to 10Mbps* or a BiPhase-L data only code from 10kbps to 5Mbps*; a LED indicator shows the Lock status.
A configurable input stage allows to connect differential (RS-422) or single ended (TTL) PCM sources and to choose high or low input termination (120 Ohm for RS-422 or 330 Ohm for TTL).
An integrated programmable de-randomizer, with 11, 15, 17, 20, 23 stages, accepts RNRZ-L codes.
The powerful software package, gle/TelemetryStudio, supports PCM parameters extraction, real-time data processing and visualization and data storage.
An available DLL library allows the integration with third party solutions.

*) Operation for real time archiving to disk without data loss – Host PC performance dependent.


Block Diagram

Technical Specifications

Main Features

IRIG-106 Chapter 4 compliant

USB 2.0 interface for fast data transfer

Powered via standard USB port

10Mbps for NRZ codes, 5Mbps for BiPhase-L

Programmable de-randomizer for RNRZ-L

Single ended or differential input

Selectable input termination

Supported by gle/TelemetryStudio software package

DLL library for custom applications/integration


99.8 x 110,00 x 35.38 mm


290 grams

Operating temperature range

-40 ÷ +85°C


5% to 95% relative, non condensing

Power supply

via standard USB 2.0

Due to continuous developments, specifications are subject to change without prior notice. This product is not intended for applications whose its failure to perform can be expected to cause damages to properties and/or persons and/or injury to human life.