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Main Features

· Rugged construction

· Easy installation

· Wide temperature range

· 400 Hz AC current measurement


gle/AC-CTA-100 is a family of rugged AC Current Transducers, based on a toroidal transformer in a potted assembly, directly installable on the current carrying cable to provide a simple method to monitor any AC electrical load. 

These transducers are designed for harsh environments applications, typical of onboard flight testing, are optimized for 400 Hz sinusoidal AC current measurement and incorporate a precision low drift resistor to produce a voltage output signal proportional to the input current.

These units are available with different wires length and with four standard output sensitivities, others are available on request.


Mechanical details

 Main Characteristics

Transformer ratio

750 ± 2 for 1 primary turn

Output sensitivity 

see the table below

Frequency / Waveform

400 Hz / Sinusoidal

Power rating

maximum recommended power on the incorporated output resistor: 1 Watt.

Input/output phase

t1 – t2 voltage is positive when measured current flows as per the marked arrow direction.


mechanical construction: potted assembly with epoxy resin, black colour

Electrical connection

flying leads: 2 per AWG22, silver plated copper conductor, PTFE insulated, white colour, 1 or 3 m long


see mechanical drawing below


less than 50 grams, including 1 meter flying leads


from any earth surface level to 25.000 m AMSL (82.000 ft)

Temperature Range 

-50 ÷100°C, operating


How to order

Part Number

Nominal Output Sensitivity 1)

mV / A / per turn @ 400 Hz (± 0.35%)

Incorporated output Resistor

(3 Watt, 0.1%, 20 ppm/ °C )

Maximum input current

@ recommended max 1 Watt on the incorporated resistor

gle/AC-CTA-100-20-L 2)


12.5 Ohm

212 A

gle/AC-CTA-100-30-L 2)


25 Ohm

150 A

gle/AC-CTA-100-40-L 2)


50 Ohm

106 A

gle/AC-CTA-100-50-L 2)


100 Ohm

75 A

1) Optionally, the transducer sensitivity can be measured at factory and stated on a calibration sheet.

2)  “L” in the P/N is the flying leads length: 1 = approx 1 meter, 3 = approx 3 meters (others lengths are available on request.