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Available Features (*)

• Compact and rugged construction 

• Designed to meet MIL-STD specifications
• GPS L1/L2/L2C/L5 + GLONASS L1/L2 + Galileo E1/E5A
+ BeiDou + QZSS + IRNSS
• Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM)
• Advanced Multi-path Reduction

• In-band interference rejection

• Update rate up to 100Hz

• RTK rate up to 100Hz

• Heading determination
• Code Differential Rover

• Code Differential Base

• High speed RS 232 / RS 422 bi-directional ports


• RS 232 telemetry data port

• Ethernet interface

• IRIG-B 1kHz modulated time code output

• 1 PPS output synchronized to GPS, GLONASS or UTC 
• Event Marker input

• Internal data recorder on CompactFlash card

• GLONASS .2mm Dynamic Calibration

• Spectrum Data Output

• PTP IEEE 1588: Precision Clock Synchronization Protocol

• Upgradeability in the field for most of the optional functions 


(*) Available features are depending on specific

model and by selected options.


On-board instrumentation for testing in harsh environments: armoured and heavy-duty military and civil vehicles testing, flight-testing and certification of manned and unmanned aerial platforms, ship and vessel trials … 


• Tracking of multiple constellations provides better availability of GNSS signals.

• Tracking of L1/L2/L2C and L5 signals provides better accuracy.

• Multiple I/O interfaces provide great flexibility.


gle/RGU/Gxx are flexible, compact and rugged GNSS receivers, designed for on board instrumentation and testing testing purposes, designed to operate under demanding environmental conditions.


Based on well-proven, extremely powerful GNSS-receiver boards with up to 864 universal receiving channels.
Are available three different basic models: gle/RGU/G2T, gle/RGU/G3N and gle/RGU/G30.

In a small, EMI shielded and rugged enclosure, they feature single or multiple frequency: GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou, QZSS, IRNSS and SBAS. 

They work in an extended temperature range, under severe mechanical and environmental conditions and and equipped with a wide input DC voltage range power supply, designed to meet MIL-STD specs. 

RS 232, RS 422 and Ethernet interfaces, support control and data communication.

Main functions can be controlled by front panel or by a remote contact port. 

In addition they incorporate an ASCII NMEA-0183 to binary format converter that generates a simplified RS 232 protocol, easy to be acquired and transmitted over a Telemetry/PCM stream.

Besides, to the possibility of a large internal data storage capacity, they include a CompactFlash data recorder, with a CF slot accessible from the front panel.

Raw data are stored in efficient binary JPS format that can be directly processed or converted to RINEX by means of a supplied software tool.

As an option, can be supplied, a specific software package for data processing, including RTK correction.


gle/RGU/Gxx/001 receivers have been used for flight testing and certifications activities onboard to various civil and military aircrafts, including Tornado, EFA Typhoon and C-27J.

This product is not intended for applications whose its failure to perform can be expected to cause damages to properties and/or persons and/or injury to human life.