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· Onboard and harsh environments instrumentation

· Armoured / heavy-duty military and civil vehicles testing

· Flight Testing / Certification of civil and military aircrafts


gle/TBM-100 is an exceptionally robust and compact unit designed to decouple, amplify/attenuate, split and buffer two different kind of digital signal: single ended or RS422 differential; it is particularly intended for PCM telemetry data streams and serial data lines.

Each unit has two input connectors, wired in parallel, in order to be inserted in the signal line without break it.

A 50 Ohm input terminator or AC input coupling can be enabled by soldering jumpers.

All input / output connections are via Lemo high quality push-pull connectors, while the power supply is pass-through by means of D sub connectors in order to stack multiple units with only one power supply connection.


Block Diagram