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• 4 or 8 high-voltage isolated channels.
• 500 VDC insulation voltage input/output.
• Selectable attenuation of 1, 10 or 100.
• BNC I/O connectors.
• Light weight slim package.

gle/ISObox allows users to convert a normal voltage input channel of a data acquisition system into a Galvanic insulated input. Each single-ended input channel of the gle/ISObox is in fact capable to support an input/output and among channels common mode voltage of 500VDC.

Furthermore, in addition to the ground loops elimination, the use of gle/ISObox provides a selectable attenuation factor of 10 or 100. This means a maximum input voltage of 100 or 1 kV(*). Of course a 1 to 1 attenuation ratio is also available.

Each input of the gle/ISObox is single-ended connected through a BNC connector to a 1 MW resistor independently from the selected attenuation level. Moreover channel protection is accomplished by means of a micro fuse and a voltage connected switched-off to the signal sources, the attenuation is automatically set on the maximum value (100), independently from the actual set attenuation, enhancing the protection grade when the unit is not in use.

The basic gle/ISObox configuration fits 4 or 8 channels in a light weight slim box,  with BNC connectors both for inputs and outputs..

The gle/ISObox may be powered by 9…36V  DC voltage, while an AC 110/220V 50/60Hz adapter is available as option.

(*) 1000V is applicable only for a short time; the internal voltage divider allows a maximum power dissipation of 250 mW. This means a maximum continuous voltage of 500 V.

Technical Specifications- gle/ISObox

Number of channels per module

4 or 8

Input type

Single ended


@ 1MW




1, 10, 100 selectable on single channel basis

Input ranges

10, 100, 1000 Vpk

(1 kV is applicable for a short time only, due to the internal voltage divider that is capable to dissipate up to 25 0mW. This means a maximum continuous voltage of 500 V).

Insulation voltage

500 VDC

Output swing

20 Vpp (max 25 Vpp)

Frequency Response

25 kHz (@ -3dB)


0.1% (Vout £ 10 V)

Output impedance

<< 50 W


@ 72 dB (@attenuation = 1)

Input connection


Output conection



25 W max; DC 9 ¸ 36 V (optionally available: AC 110/220 V 50/60 Hz adapter)

Due to continuous developments, specifications are subject to change without prior notice. This product is not intended for applications whose its failure to perform can be expected to cause damages to properties and/or persons and/or injury to human life.



gle/ISObox datasheet