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Modular conditioning system for RTD sensors

• Single-channel conditioner board for RTD-PTl00 sensors
• Input range selectable: ±l00; ±200; -200/+400; -200/+800°C
• Real-time signal linearization
• Up to 4 different linearization curves


• l6 bit A/D-D/A conversion
• Sampling rate 50 Samples/sec.
• Analog output voltage ±10V and/or current 4-20 mA
• Internal auto-calibration

gle/RTD-100-1 is a single-channel conditioning module for RTD sensors particularly suitable for all those applications requiring stable and accurate temperature measurements. Each module is pluggable into the l9" 3U rack mountable chassis gle/EuroRack/AC that can host up to 12 gle/RTD-100-1 cards and it accepts AC 230 V as input power supply.
Each gle/RTD-100-1 board encompasses a µC for the management of the A/D conversion, the full-scale selection, the on-line signal linearization and the auto-calibration procedure. In order to achieve better accuracy, it is possible to define one of four different measurement ranges: ±100; ±200; -200/+400 and -200/+800 °C. Selection is obtainable by means of switch on the card's front panel. In the standard version the gle/RTD-100-1 module features three different algorithms for sensor linearization (polynomial method), according to the specifications reported below:


Standard  α coefficient                                   




American 0.003911

16-bits resolution guarantees highly accurate analog/digital and digital/analog conversions respectively before and after signal processing.

Technical Specifications- gle/RTD100-1

Transducer type


Sensor wiring

4 wires: 2 for excitation, 2 for signal


High-stable (10 ppm/°C) current (0.5 mA)

Sample rate

20 Samples/sec

Output refresh

20 Samples/sec

RTD linearization curve options

· DIN a=0.00385

· ITS-90 a=0.003926

· American standard a=0.003911

Linearization curve selection

Through on-board jumpers

Signal to noise ratio

90 dB

Overall linearity


Zero stability

20 ppm

CAL reference

Internal high-precision reference resistor (±0.01%; ±5ppm)

Manual zero and span calibration

by trimpots on front panel

Measurement range

±100; ±200; -200/+400 and -200/+800 °C

Measurement range selection

by switch on front panel

“Test” output

available on the front panel

Output range

±10 V


Ordering code

Current output signal (4¸20 mA)




Rack type

19” 3U standard chassis

Maximum number of housed boards


Power supply

230 VAC, 50 Hz ±10%

Power consumption

< 30 W (fully equipped with 12 GLE/RTD100-1 boards)

Operating temperature range

-10 ¸ +50°C

Input connectors

Removable screw terminals

Output connectors

Removable screw terminals and BNCs

Protection fuse

T 2A 250 V


7 kg (fully equipped with 12 GLE/RTD100-1 boards)

Due to continuous developments, specifications are subject to change without prior notice. This product is not intended for applications whose its failure to perform can be expected to cause damages to properties and/or persons and/or injury to human life.



gle/RTD-100 datasheet