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Four Channels Wide Bandwidth Conditioner for Strain Gages

• Four input channels per card: ¼, ½ and full bridge configurations;

• IEPE / ICP compatible sensors option.

• Up to 32 channels per chassis.

• Low-pass active filter: cut-off frequencies from AC to 40kHz.
• Wide bandwidth up to 100kHz.
• Selectable bridge voltage supply with sense.

• Input sensitivity: ±1mV/V, ±10mV/V, ±100mV/V, ±1V/V.
• Automatic offset nulling through 12bit internal DAC.
• 19” x 3U rack-mountable chassis.

• Static and dynamic structural analysis.
• Fatigue analysis.
• Mechanical experimentation.
• Test benches.
• Testing on vehicles.
• Destructive tests on materials.

gle/SGA-4 is a quad channel amplifier module that belongs to the family of modular conditioners developed for the measurement of dynamic signals from strain-gauge bridges.

It is a wide bandwidth conditioner (100kHz; -3dB@gain=100) specifically designed to offer an accurate and convenient solution both for stress analysis and for measurements by strain-gage transducers (including accelerometers, load cells, potentiometers, pressure transducers).

When combined with standalone or PC-based data acquisition systems, gle/SGA-4 is ideal as pre-conditioning unit, both  for static and dynamic measurement environments.

The gain and the voltage supply to sensor bridge are user-definable on single channel basis. The gain is selectable from 1 to 1000 with 4 steps, while constant voltage excitation provided to the bridge can be set to one of the following values: 2.5, 5, 7.5 or 10VDC.  Moreover, a DAC-based circuit provides automatic zero suppression capability that can be activated separately or not for each channel, as depicted in the block diagram reported below.

The gle/SGA-4 encompasses a 4th-order Butterworth active low-pass filter. The cut-off frequencies can be changed in the range from 500 to 50000Hz, simply substituting the removable resistors on the plug-in.

One resistor circuit is included accomplishing the cut-off frequency defined by the user at the order.

Technical Specifications- gle/SGA-4


Number of input channels


Input type



AC or DC (selectable)


@ 10 MW

Input configurations

¼; ½ and full bridge with on-board completion

Input full scale

±1mV/V, ±10mV/V, ±100mV/V, ±1V/V.

Gain selectable (on-board) among: 1, 10, 100 and 1000, according to the input full scale

Excitation voltage

2.5, 5, 7.5 or 10VDC, on-board selectable on single-channel basis (35mA maximum current for each channel).

Excitation voltage sense


Offset nulling

Automatically activated by digital command line or by switch on gle/EuroRack-8. Zero control circuit comprises a 12bit DAC (range=±1V/gain r.t.i.)

It is also possible to manually pre-balance through an on-board trimmer.

Shunt calibration

An user-defined parallel resistor can be mounted directly on-board shunting one arm of the bridge (positive or negative). This can be done by means of relay controlled by digital line or of a switch on the gle/EuroRack-8 front panel.


DC/AC ¸ 100kHz (-3dB) @ gain=100; Pass-band ripple £±0.2dB

Low-pass filter

4 poles Butterworth. One cut-off frequency must be specified at the order (fc >500Hz <50kHz @ -3dB); fc can be modified via plug-in module replacement


0.1 % FS or better

Gain accuracy

0.1 % FS @1000Hz

Output impedance

<< 50 W

SNR (Typ.)

@ 72 dB @ G=100;(fC£40kHz)


±50ppm/°C r.t.o. ±2.5ppm/°C r.t.i., typ

Power supply

From gle/EuroRack-8 (90W max)

Power consumption

5W /card (sensors included)

Operating temperature

-20 ¸ +50°C

Card dimension

EuroCard 100 x 280 mm

gle/EuroRack-8 dimension

19” x 3U x 325 mm (L x H x P).

Input connectors

Screw terminals (Phoenix 12-poles) on the gle/EuroRack-8 rear panel

Output connectors

Multiple poles on the gle/EuroRack-8 rear panel (BNC as option)

Due to continuous developments, specifications are subject to change without prior notice. This product is not intended for applications whose its failure to perform can be expected to cause damages to properties and/or persons and/or injury to human life.



gle/SGA-4 datasheet