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XidML compatible PCM & IENA QuickLook Telemetry package

Main Features

· MS-Windows-based with user-friendly GUI

· Numerical parameters viewer from PCM and

  Ethernet IENA data streams

· Virtual parameters calculation, EU conversion,

  data masking and shifting

· Calibration management with export to ASCII

· Customizable to specific requirements

· Automated IENA packet builder from PCM frame


· Laboratory validation of PCM / IENA telemetry systems

· Calibration of the conditioning and data acquisition chain

· Troubleshooting

· Pre-flight checks and verifications

· Onboard FTI parameters monitoring



gle/kTools is a software package designed to supports PCM data visualization and EU parameters monitoring through the USB based PCM decoder gle/UPD/001

It is directly compatible with XidML configuration format used by ACRA CONTROL(*) and offers a QuickLook parameters visualization in CVT multi- base format with minimum setup effort.

It supports the definition of virtual channels and EU conversion calculated in real-time, including masking and shifting operations.

Different PCM decoders may optionally be supported, i.e.: PCMCIA based - SAM/DEC/007 or others.

gle/kTools offers a dedicated section for the calibration of the entire conditioning and data acquisition chain.

This is done by logging a set of reference values that can also be processed with moving average, the resulting calibration points can be stored in ASCII format.

Ethernet IENA(**) data stream may optionally be decoded and visualized directly. In this case gle/kTools offers the capability to automatically build the IENA packets configuration starting from a PCM frame defined with the XidML schema.

gle/kTools software can be customized adding further capabilities like, just for example: CVSD real-time voice decoding; data storage in binary, ASCII or other third-party formats; graphical parameters display …


(*) ACRA CONTROL is a business unit of Curtiss-Wright Controls Avionics & Electronics (

(**) IENA is an AIRBUS acronym that stands for “Instrumentation d'Essais des Nouveaux Avions”.  It is a full-networked FTI concept where this particular Ethernet data format has been developed (

System requirements

Operating System

Windows XP SP3 or higher

NET Framework


Windows Installer

version 3.1


≥ 1 GB

Hard Disk

≥ 30 MB free space

Configuration Format

XidML (


Some of the available options


Ethernet IENA Decoding + XidML setup to automatically build IENA packets from PCM frame


CVSD real-time voice decoding


PCM data input with SAM/DEC/007 PCMCIA decoder

Multiple options may coexist