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PCM decoding software

• Extension tool for the Heim-Systems FTrans package.

• Suitable for data decoding and parameters extraction from data acquired with  DATaRec-D® recorders.

• Extraction from PCM streams and other digital and avionic buses.

• Data storage in various formats: ASCI, binary and Famos.

• Map Viewer tool to easily visualize PCM map configuration.

This software tool is an extension for the Heim-Systems FTrans package, supporting data decoding and parameters extraction from PCM streams (accomplished to the IRIG-106 standard) and other digital and avionic buses recorded with the Heim-Systems DATaRec®-D family of recording devices.

GLE/PDSw allows to process files transferred to PC via FTrans and to extract an user defined set of parameters from them.

Selected parameters can then be saved in three different formats: ASCI, Binary or Famos. All the created files are in the XY form and parameters are saved time information.

It’s possible to check the parity bit of the data, and if a single word is fault, a single output sample is discarded.

A complete data check is performed and in case of incoherent data setup, a report message shows the mistake to the user.

The GLE/PDSw program (Irig-106 version) is organized with three different sections, each of them is easily accessible through a “tree structure” on the left side of the main window. The Frame Setup is used to quickly define the PCM map properties. The Parameter Setup allows to select the parameters to be decoded and saved, while the Map Viewer is a very useful tool to verify the whole program configuration.



gle/PDSw datasheet