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Quick Look - Telemetry Software

• Real time visualization for PCM data streams on

customized graphic displays.
• Various standard display types, including numeric, bar

graph, angular gages and y-t can be freely configured by user.
• User-defined display pages can be easily defined and the

configuration saved for further usages.
• Real-time data storage to file.


• Real-Time engineering units conversion.
• Equation editor to create “virtual” channels.
• CVSD voice format decoder.
• Easy interface for DAC output.
• MS Windows-based with user-friendly GUI.

GLE/QL-PCM is a powerful software package specifically designed for IRIG-106 PCM stream decommutation, measurement data extraction, real time data processing, virtual channels editor, numerical and graphical visualization and data storage.
Thanks to many available visualization options GLE/QL-PCM is the ideal platform for quick look of the acquired PCM data. Among the others, users can select numeric, bar graph, time history, air and standard gages and associate them to the extracted parameters or any other derived complex parameters created from decoded data through the math engine.
The latter comprises many of the most popular math functions, including algebraic, exp & log, trigonometric, statistical, bit handling and logic (L&R Shift, And..), format conversion (i.e. IntToFloat) built-in functions. Users can hence create nested formulas for specific calculation purposes.
The PCM frame set-up page enables the programming of the decommutator, defining the global map parameter, including the data rate, the major and minor frame dimension, the word length, the sync words and SFID properties.
Decoded parameters can be also save to file in real time in order to be recovered for post-processing purpose s.
GLE/QL-PCM can decode also voice input according to the CVSD format and outputs decoded data through PC sound card, while up to output channels can be configured for DAC boards, when needed.
This software can be easily adapted for many of the most diffused telemetry decommutators for real time data display and storing.



gle/QL-PCM datasheet