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• IRIG-B time code generator/reader software tool for PC via standard sound card.
• Ideal for testing and external devices time synchronization.
• Time code synchronized with the PC internal time, with user-definable offset.
• Indication of Day-Of-the Year, Hour, Minutes and Seconds.

• Possibility of synchronization with GPS time through PC serial port.
• MS-Windows compatible.
• Available as a kit including CD, cables and attenuator/buffer I/O box.

Gle/TCSw is a software tool with the capability to generate at the PC sound-card output a precise IRIG-B code. The output signal can be synchronized with the host PC internal time or, alternatively, be locked to a GPS time reference. A time offset can be set by users in order to accomplish particular reference needs.

Moreover Gle/TCSw reads time code in the IRIG-B format from the sound-card input. Time information can hence be displayed or used to synchronize the internal PC clock.

Gle/TCSw is offered as a kit including the IRIG-B time code software (reader/generator), the connection cables and a buffer/attenuator input/output box.