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Ruggedized Miniature Video Camera for Harsh Environments

• Environmentally protected

• Integrated LED illuminator

• Heated shatterproof lens windows

• Rugged construction, one piece camera, no external control box 
• Color CVBS or Y/C output 

• Wide dynamic range, excellent SNR and light sensitivity
• Noise Reduction Function 
• High speed shutter control 
• Electronic image rotation and mirroring 
• Setup via RS232 interface with software GUI

• Extended operating temperature and DC voltage supply


• Flight testing Instrumentation 
in non-conditioned / dark bays 
(i.e. engine nacelles / landing 
gear bays).
• Video monitoring / surveillance 
in Harsh Environments.


gle/RMVC-200-U is a miniature and rugged standard definition color video camera.

It is designed for on-board testing and instrumentation applications in non-conditioned / dark bays where exposure to moisture, ice and low temperature is expected.

Derived from gle/RMVC-200v2, it is based on a well proven, high quality 1/3 inch Charge Coupled Device (CCD), installed in a EMI shielded, harsh-environment-tight aluminum precisely machined enclosure.

This camera provides 460/470 television lines of resolution; the integrated electronic shutter/CCD IRIS can operate up to 1/100000 s.

Its use is very simple, no external control box is required, the user can remotely control via standard RS 232C various functions such as Shutter Speed, Red/Blue level, Pedestal, Image Rotation and Mirroring, AGC, CCD IRIS, etc.

Its “U” shaped body includes a high efficiency LED illuminator and the optics in a compact design.

Both the camera and illuminator lens windows are provided of self regulated heating element to prevent fogging and icing. A humidity filter prevents condensation inside the body.

A series of precision mounting holes, strengthened by stainless steel Heli-Coil® threaded inserts, makes simple the installation.

This camera, designed having MIL-STD specifications in mind, ensures safe operation and correct performance, under severe mechanical conditions, in an extended temperature range and in a wide DC voltage supply range. The exceptional rugged construction, miniature size, lightweight and high image quality make this camera suited for the most demanding applications in space-restricted and severe environment conditions.


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