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· Onboard and harsh environments instrumentation

· Armoured / heavy-duty vehicles testing

· Flight Testing / Certification of civil and military aircrafts

· Railway and Automotive Testing


gle/VIDEO-AMP/100-B is an exceptionally robust and compact device that acts as a “T” coupler to 75 Ohm impedance analog CVBS video signal line.

Each unit has two input connectors internally connected together, in order to be inserted directly in a video line without any interruption or perturbation and an output connector where the buffered video signal is available.

Output signal can be gain or offset adjusted by means of trimmers and soldered jumper.


gle/VIDEO-AMP/100-B unit is made by the following functional blocks.

· A DC/DC converter provides a stable and ground isolated +/-12V internal power supply.

· An OP amplifier stage couples the video input line. The input can have a 75 Ohm impedance or high impedance.

· An attenuation stage provides signal attenuation without perturbing the input signal.

· A high stability voltage generator provides a stable and clean reference for the offset regulation of the output signal.

· An output buffer mixes the attenuated input signal with the voltage reference and allows the fine gain correction. Output impedance is 75 Ohm.


Block Diagram